There are no charters available at the moment.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Normally we would carry out a maximum of 4 spearfishermen.  The trip includes:  pick up from your hotel/guesthouse, drinks and snacks on the boat, a local freediver in the water with you as a guide, any gear you may need (speargun, mask, etc) and taking you to the best spots around for either Blue Water Hunting or Coastal Spearfishing.  

We can film your experience in High Definition, and two days later, give you a DVD of your adventure.   

Based on our experience, we can choose a site that will provide a great adventure for your skill level.  Conservation of the marine environment is extremely important, so we encourage following responsible fishing practices and respecting the marine protected areas and dive sites.

We can assist you with any questions regarding accommodation and flights. Contact us to check for availability, to make a booking or for any other enquiries. Remember there are direct flights from many countries straight to Tobago, get off the plane and jump in the boat.

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Our boat is a 38 foot Bertram with two 435hp Caterpillar
engines and the latest equipment to find fish


Blue Water Hunting


You can choose between species such as:

Dolphinfish (Dorado, Mahi-Mahi):
Tobago is famous for the incredible amount of dolphinfish caught every year between January and May. It’s common to find some 40+ pound ones.

It's a very common fish around Tobago all year long and we have FADS out there to find them.  They are abundant, big and very strong, so proper gear is important.    

We have big kingfish and other mackerel species in abundance.  Bigger ones tend to stay in deeper waters being more challenging to shoot.  Strong fighters and excellent eating.  

There are some nice yellowfin tunas of close to 100 pounds in weight.  You can also find albacore, skipjack, blackfin and bigeye tuna.  Proper gear is very important.  

and more:
We can look for other species of fish depending on what you are willing to hunt out there in the blue.  


Coastal Spearfishing


Keep in mind that Reef Fish are more susceptible to overfishing than other species.  For this reason, some of them will have restrictions in size and quantity in order to comply with responsible fishing practices.

There are many grouper species in Tobago, mainly Black, Yellowmouth and Yellowfin.The giant grouper or jewfish is often seen, but we do not encourage its hunt, since it’s a threatened species according to the IUCN red list


You can find almost any species: Cubera, Mutton, Dog, Schoolmaster, Mangrove, among others. They are abundant specially in rainy season (from May to October).


We have big kingfish and other mackerel species in abundance.  Bigger ones tend to stay in deeper water being more challenging to shoot.  Strong fighters and excellent eating.


The Horseye Jack is the most common species around, is everywhere and is excellent eating and a strong fighter. Crevalle, Yellow, Almaco and Blackjack, are also species to be found all year round.


We can drop you in the middle of huge schools of barracuda! Despite what a lot of people think, these fish are excellent eating and there has never been a ciguatera report in the country caused by this fish.

and more:  You’ll find many other good eating species along the coast of Tobago (Cobia, Permit, Lobsters, etc), we know where they are and we can take you there.

Important Note:  In order to preserve our marine environment and maintain a respectable relationship with dive operators and the general local community, we stay away from dive sites and marine protected areas.


The First Freedive Spearfishing DVD from Trinidad and Tobago.