Tobago is a beautiful island both above and underneath the water, with amazing conditions for spearfishing. Tobago is under the influence of the Orinoco river from South America all year round, with peaks in rainy season (from June to October). The huge amount of nutrients coming from the rivers of this continent, attract endless schools of fish to this area. Normally, in places like this, the visibility tends to be poor, but Tobago is lucky enough to be at the right distance. The island has excellent visibility (80 to 100 ft) most time of the year, specially in dry season (November to May) and it gets all the fish that are nearby in the nutrient-rich waters. When the visibility gets poor in Tobago (40 feet), you just have to travel a few miles off shore to some secret reefs or deep drops and you can find better water and amazing fish.
  The south-eastern Caribbean, specially around Tobago, has amazing conditions for spearfishing. If you want to do blue Water Hunting, you can travel a few miles off shore and find deep drops that wahoo and tuna love. For dolphinfish, there are dozens of FADs around. For coastal spearfishing there are incredible structures and reefs nearby, where you can find big cubera snapper along with mutton, dog snappers, and others. There are also many species of grouper, mackerels, there is a lot of barracuda, permit, cobia, etc.

Tobago and its surrounding areas are great spearfishing destinations if you are looking for amazing fish, excellent water conditions, and a beautiful relaxed Caribbean paradise.


Conservation is very important.  In order to preserve our marine environment and maintain a respectable relationship with dive operators and the general local community, we stay away from dive sites and marine protected areas.  Furthermore, there will be some restrictions in size and quantity of certain species of reef fish.